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Fondo Nacional de Garantia
pa Vivienda

Founded on February 14th, 1997, Fondo Nacional de Garantia Pa Vivienda Foundation (FNGV) was established by the Aruban Government. With the purpose of promoting home ownership to the inhabitants of Aruba, this initiative has led to a growth in housing construction in Aruba. 

Before the existence of the Foundation, anyone who wanted to finance their own property deemed to own at least 30% of the total value of the house as down payment. 



During the construction phase, one had to first reach the stage of the ring beam at their own expense. Only thereafter institutions were willing to provide a mortgage loan for the completion of the property. This was a burden for many people in order to fulfill the wish of owning their own homes. 


Since 1997, FNGV has made it possible to provide young starters the opportunity to receive a mortgage up to 100% for building or buying a house, funded by the financial institutions. 

The FNGV Foundation guarantees up to 30% of the mortgage needed to purchase or build the home by collaborating with the financial institutions on the island. 


The mission of the Foundation is, therefore:

“The FNGV Foundation promotes housing, home ownership and sustainable living in Aruba. The Foundation aims to achieve these goals by guaranteeing payments for claims obtained from loan agreements taken out by residents of Aruba”.

Since 1997, FNGV Foundation has assisted more than 3000 residents of Aruba to achieve the desire to own a home. 


The Organisation 

The FNGV Foundation is led by Mr. Frederick J.A. Arends. He was appointed the new director on January 1st, 2015. The Foundation is supervised by a board of directors consisting of seven members elected by the government and the financial institutions. Since 2007, the FNGV Foundation functions under the supervision of the Centrale Bank of Aruba.

Frederick J.A. Arends,

M Croes Edited.jpg
Melitsa Croes,
Financieel Medewerkster
Waarnemend Directeur

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of seven members elected by the Government, the Bank Union, and institutional investors. The Board of Directors is authorized to conclude agreements and oversee the implementation of the policy set by the Board of Directors within the Foundation. 

The Board of Directors currently consists of the following members:

M. Harms – Voorzitter

F. Arends – Secretaris

G. Croes – Penningmeester

F. Tromp – Wnd Voorzitter

M. Harms - bestuurslid

S. Kock - bestuurslid

Financial Statement FNGV

The financial statements of the Stichting Fondo Nacional di Garantia pa Vivienda can be downloaded here.

Financial Statements


Financial Statements


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