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What is FNGV?

Are you about to build or buy a house and did you already inquire about a mortgage loan? Then you should know that the financial institutions in Aruba only finance up to 80% of the market value of the house you want to buy, or build. If you do not have the resources, you will need to postpone obtaining your dream home. FNGV offers assistance and allows you to borrow the total mortgage amount from a financial institution of your choice. 

Garantie Afsluiten


You able to receive an FNGV Guarantee when you take out a mortgage with one of the financial institutions in Aruba. This Guarantee applies to either a mortgage for buying an existing home or building a new one. 


Your mortgage consultant calculates how much your total loan will be including the FNGV Guarantee. The consultant will also tell you more about the terms that apply when including an FNGV Guarantee on your mortgage. 




You can also use the Guarantee Calculator. This calculator gives you an indication of the amount that you can loan with an FNGV Guarantee, based on your financial situation. 

To whom is FNGV applicable?

FNGV is exclusively intended for people who need help with building or buying their first home. Do you live and work in Aruba, do you own the Dutch nationality or have a work/residence permit for several years and have never bought or build a house yet? Then FNGV is here for you!  



Then FNGV is here for you! 


To qualify for an FNGV Mortgage Guarantee, you must adhere to the following conditions to be considered:

  • You have a permanent job and income

  • You are in the possession of the Dutch nationality or

  • You have a valid residence and/or work permit

  • The mortgage loan may not exceed the amount of Afl. 350.000


How does it work?


FNGV guarantees everyone who is eligible to build or buy their first house. After you have found a financial institution, you will fill int the application form together with your mortgage consultant. The bank or institution will then contact us using your signed application form. After registration, your application will be screened, and you will receive an official document from your consultant regarding your guarantee claim. 



Extra costs will be charged for the FNGV Guarantee. These costs consist of

the following:

- A one-time guarantee fee of 1.5% of the total sum

- Administration fee over the term of the guarantee period



The mortgage consultant of the financial institutions of your choice can assist you in completing the application form. To handle the requirements correctly, we advise you to bring the following documents to the appointment with your mortgage consultant: 

  • Valid ID, registration of marital status and/or

  • Valid residence and work permit

  • Employer's Declaration

  • Last 2 payslips 

  • Taxation report

  • Building agreement or purchase agreement

  • Cadastral information and purchase agreement of the land


Use our checklist to make sure that you meet all the requirements. For further information, or if you are eligible for a guarantee, please consult our terms and conditions here



After submitting the application form, the applicant is screened. The screening process will assess whether there are outstanding debts at one or more credit institutions at the time of application. They will also check if the applicant already owns a property, as FNGV explicitly provides guarantees for the first home.

You can find our screening form here. 

Would you like more detailed information? 

We are here for you. Please feel free to contact us. 

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